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19th Mar 2019

Olivia Jade Attwood responds to brutal trolls who question her tribute to Mike Thalassitis


Denise Curtin

“Instagram is full of self-indulgent bullshit…”

Olivia Jade Attwood is hitting out at trolls in the days following her Love Island co-star’s death. Mike Thalassitis tragically passed away on Saturday, March 16 and since, many are taking to Instagram to mourn the star’s death.

However, in a brutal turn on events, it appears as though online trolls are hitting out at stars close to Mike for their “lack of” compassion in their Instagram posts.

Hitting out at Mike’s ex Megan McKenna who remained silent until today and Mike’s former co-star, Olivia Jade Attwood – some fans are taking the “if we don’t see you down on their knees crying, you’re not upset enough” stand.

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But Oliva isn’t having any of it, and while on holidays in Dubai, she hit out at one Instagram troll, Elenaor who messaged her post-Mike tribute to say she’s a “bitch” because the post wasn’t loving enough.

Olivia then decided to comment on the issue when she received many messages from fans telling her what to say.

“I wasn’t going to acknowledge this, but I’ve had a few messages like this, so here we are.

“Who is anyone to say what I need to post on my social media? I decide what’s appropriate, not you!” she wrote, taking the troll to task.

“This time is about Mike’s family and the people he was genuinely close to and that’s it.

“Worlds gone mad. Maybe this is why Instagram is full of self-indulgent bullsh*t, and people are confused when you don’t comply to these weird standards.

“Absolute clown u are Eleanor,” she ended her post by saying.


Megan McKenna too broke her silence today, taking to Instagram to say that she’s sending her love to Mike’s family and truly in shock that she even has to write this.