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13th Feb 2019

Not only did Brad Pitt attend Jennifer Aniston’s 50th but he sent her a GIFT too

These two.

Denise Curtin

Brad Pitt sent Jennifer Aniston an engagement ring and they’re officially back together…

… would be the line I’d like to write but alas, this isn’t the case.

Or so, that we’re aware of.

But one thing is for sure… Brad Pitt DID attend ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday meaning they’re still close and oh, he brought a gift too.

Yes, according to reports, the dashing 55-year-old gave his former flame a gift for her birthday.

“Most birthday party guests sent gifts to Jen’s house. Brad did too. Her friends are all very generous and creative, and she seemed very excited by all the gifts,” a source revealed.

Continuing they revealed that Jen was very happy to see Brad at the bash as did her friends.

“He was invited, so why shouldn’t he go? He’s single and has no one to answer to. He and Jen spent many important and happy years together. He obviously decided to join her celebration because he wanted to.”


And although Brad could have easily been there as just a friend, it’s easy to return to “familiar paths” or some saying like that for basically getting with someone you have before and since they’re both single now, who knows what could potentially happen.