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02nd Mar 2017

Nicola McLean speaks out about rare condition that has damaged her eyesight

The CBB star also hit back at online trolls.

Cathy Donohue

Fans of Celebrity Big Brother will remember that Nicola McLean had trouble with her eyesight during the recent series.

In a couple of episodes, Nicola was walking around holding her hand up to her eye and the reality TV star has since spoken out about a ‘rare’ condition she’s developed.

In conversation with The Sun, the mother of two explained that although she’s always had trouble with her left eye, her right eye started to play up about two months before she entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Nicola said that she has developed an ‘adult squint’ which is quite rare but medical professionals think it may be related to pregnancy-related diabetes.

The ex-glamour model told the publication:

“Basically what’s happened is, this right eye, I can’t see out of but it’s also developed an adult squint, which is so rare.

“That’s why I was so paranoid about it, as what would happen is, I would take the contact lens out, get in bed, then all the arguments would kick off so I’d have to cover my eye”.

Nicola went on to say that she has been to an eye hospital and is hoping to have her vision impairment corrected.

Although her level of eyesight is quite “bad” at present, she has been told it will be “sorted”.

“It can be corrected but it’s very, very rare to get an adult squint so that’s what it was, I didn’t want to be on television with an eye wandering so I’d cover it”.

As viewers might remember, Nicola started wearing glasses halfway through the show. She has since revealed that these had to be made for her and sent into the house as her contact lenses weren’t sufficient.