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12th Dec 2023

Nicki Minaj shares pic of Kerry Katona in strange crossover

Anna Martin

kerry katona nicki minaj

Nicki Minaj and Kerry Katona

Even though this sounds like one of those terrible walk into a room together jokes, it’s not – but the two did have an odd social media crossover.

It all started when the rapper posted a throwback gif of Kerry during her Atomic Kitten days on Monday, as she appeared to mouth the words “blah blah blah” while rolling her eyes. 

Alongside this, Nicki wrote: “Timeline in shambles? Fallin 4 u is the best song of my entire career,” referring to her new song, which was released as part of her Pink Friday 2 album.

Now whether or not she knows who Kerry Katona is remains to be discovered but either way, fans were quick to cop the crossover and loved it.

When a fan asked” “Do we think that @KerryKatona7 knows that @NICKIMINAJ tweeted a gif of her or,” Kerry simply said: “I do now,” adding a crying with laughter emoji.  

While Nicki has been busy promoting her new single, Kerry revealed that she is getting ready to have surgery to fix damage to her nose.

Taking to Instagram last month, the former singer told her followers that she had visited Pall Mall cosmetics to inquire about getting an eye lift however, when she was there, the doctor asked her whether she had ever had a nose job.

He revealed that internal damage from her past drug use is causing her nose to collapse.

Credit: Getty Images.

Speaking candidly she revealed: “[The doctor] went, ‘Your nose is collapsing.’ So I have damaged my nose from doing drugs.

“I was offered to get it fixed years ago, and I said no because for me it was a reminder never to touch it [drugs] again,” Kerry explained.

“So he said, ‘Do you want us to fix it for you?’ And I started crying because it’s a massive 360 from where I was to where I am now. And I think wow wow wow, Ok I’ll get it fixed.”