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19th Mar 2019

Montana Brown broke down speaking about her late friend Mike Thalassitis

Rebecca O'Keeffe

montana brown

Heartbreaking to watch.

The lovely Montana Brown broke down on This Morning, as she spoke about the loss of her dear friend, Mike Thalassitis.

Mike was sadly found dead over the weekend, leaving his friends and family in complete shock.

Montana opened up about the last time she spoke to Mike, and became visibly upset when she said she didn’t reply to the last message her sent her.

“I’m kind of kicking myself, because he text me and I didn’t reply. Just because I’m really bad on my phone. I just wish I’d replied.”

“He just said ‘How’s it going girl, how are you’ – and I didn’t reply,” Montana said, breaking down.

Phillip Schofield tried to comfort her, saying:

“You can’t possibly, possibly know, and as you said yourself – you thought he was in a place and getting better. You couldn’t know.”

Montana also revealed the moment she heard the news that Mike has passed.

“One of my friends text me saying ‘I don’t know if this is true, but I’ve heard Mike took his own life’. I was sat in the pub actually, and I thought ‘no, that’s not true, what a horrible rumour’.”

“I text him saying, ‘Hey, there’s this really weird rumour going around, call me when you get this’ – but it didn’t deliver, it just had the one tick on Whatsapp.”

“Then I tried to call him and it went straight to answerphone, and then I felt sick. I thought, something terrible has happened.”

Our thoughts are with Montana, and everyone who knew Mike.