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30th Aug 2023

‘Don’t think I’m neglecting her’ – Molly Mae responds to mum-shamers

Molly-Mae stressed that she is not a “bad mum”

Molly-Mae Hague has responded to mum-shamers after she was accused of neglecting her daughter Bambi. The mum told her followers that she is always keeping a watchful eye on her daughter, no matter what.

She said, “If you ever think I am neglecting the baby monitor and you can hear Bambi in the background, don’t think I’m neglecting her.”

The mum continued, “She just takes a minute to settle off after she’s had her nap. I always leave her for five minutes and she just falls asleep.”

Molly-Mae stressed that she is certainly not a bad parent.

“Don’t think that I’m being a bad mum there,” she stressed.


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The mum has been hit with waves of backlash since becoming a mum. She welcomed a daughter in January but has been constantly criticised over every parenting decision she makes.

Molly-Mae recently revealed she never thought she’d be happy following her daughter’s birth. Her mental health took a serious toll after she gave birth to Bambi in January.

She told her followers that she was worried she wouldn’t feel happiness again, but is now doing better.

“I don’t want to sound like a broken record as you know I have spoken about motherhood a lot and how I found it a lot harder than I thought I would but I just want to say to those other mums out there that have that young, newborn screaming baby and you’re finding it really, really hard.”