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28th Mar 2022

Molly Mae Hague says sex can often be excruciating due to her endometriosis

The star opened up about how the condition has affected her sex life.

Molly Mae Hague has spoken out about how sex can sometimes leave her in excruciating pain due to her endometriosis.

The former Love Island star previously revealed she had undergone surgery in November to help alleviate the symptoms of the painful condition.

In a recent YouTube video, she spoke honestly about how it still affects her sex life with boyfriend Tommy Fury.

“My two main symptoms have been the excruciating periods and the excruciating sex,” she told her fans.

“I will be honest, I do believe the painful sex symptom is what pushed me into getting my problem fixed, into working out what was wrong with my body because not only was I doing it for me and fixing it for me, which is obviously the main reason, I was also trying to do it for Tommy.

“My sex drive was low, the pain was that excruciating that during sex that you’re literally doing it for your partner, and that’s not good for them because they frickin’ know.”

The operation has helped with certain aspects of her endometriosis struggle, causing her periods to become more manageable. However, pain during sex is an issue she needs to seek further help for.

“In regards to the painful sex, that unfortunately never changed, it is something that is an ongoing issue.

“I had a blood test and MRI scan because I am going to see a specialist in London in regards to that situation.”

Speaking about Tommy, she added: “I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend in regards to my endo journey. He has been so understanding and so caring.”

Molly Mae and Tommy met on ITV2’s Love Island back in 2019 and have been dating since.

The couple recently bought their first home together after being forced to move out of their rented apartment in Manchester in October following a burglary.