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26th Aug 2021

Molly Mae Hague urges fans to check breasts as she finds benign lump

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Life has been a little crazy for Molly Mae Hague over the last day.

The influencer has been revealed as PrettyLittleThing’s new creative director for the UK and EU, but while she’s on a high about that, it’s not the only thing on her mind.

The former Love Island star has revealed that she needs to be referred for a biopsy after she discovered a lump in her breast.

Knowing already there was something there, she noticed that the benign lump had grown and went to get it checked out.

Reassuring her fans that it is “not serious”, Molly Mae wanted to tell them all how important it was to get things like this checked regularly.

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Posting a vlog to her YouTube channel, the 22 year old said: “I basically noticed a little lump in my boob, went to get it checked and it was completely fine, completely benign.

“It’s a little thing called a fibroadenoma and it’s a normal thing to get at this age, small lumps can happen all the time it doesn’t mean they’re sinister.

“I went back today to get it checked and it had grown a little bit, again, it doesn’t mean it’s sinister, it doesn’t mean it’s dramatic, so the doctor recommended that we did a biopsy.”

Promising to keep her fans updated on the results, she encouraged them to get checked regularly.

She continued: “It was not very nice actually considering I’m afraid of needles, but I thought there’s not really a way around this.

“I promise it’s nothing serious, I don’t want it to be a massive thing. I think it’s important that I share this with you guys.

“It’s an important subject and we should all be checking our boobs and checking for lumps so we can do things like this.”

Molly Mae has been vocal about her health in the past, after having a cancer scare in November when having a mole removed on her leg which turned out to be malignant melanoma.

She also was recently diagnosed with endometriosis and is to undergo surgery for the condition.