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05th Oct 2022

Molly Mae Hague fans are convinced she just accidentally revealed her baby’s gender

Are they onto something?

Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are wrapped up in all things babies and parenting as they anticipate their own new arrival, but fans are confident they’ve let one thing slip.

While the couple has said they want to keep their baby’s gender a secret from the world, they have had their own gender reveal and fans are convinced they know what it is.

Molly and Tommy are adamant about not announcing anything just yet, but fans think Molly has accidentally given it away in one of her latest YouTube videos.

Convinced she uttered “that’s our baby girl” in one clip, it has since done the rounds on TikTok with many thinking she tried to quickly cover up her mistake.

But others think she may have just simply said: “That’s our baby there.”

@lottie_lesley1 Did molly mae just say baby girl ? #mollymaebabyannouncement #mollymae @mollymaehague #mollymaegenderreveal ♬ original sound – Lottie

As fans analysed the clip, many took to TikTok comments to share their thoughts, with one person writing: “I didn’t hear it I just heard her say ‘that’s our baby’ but I’ve seen someone changed the black and white gender reveal and was pink confetti.”

Another person said: “She is having a baby girl. If you look at how her belly is growing, round, that’s means a girl, and round but low is a boy.”

While the Love Island star has opted to share certain details of her pregnancy with her massive following, she recently explained why she’s also keeping her due date a secret.

In a vlog, Molly-Mae said that she saw videos of midwives on TikTok predicting her due date.

“That just really made me laugh,” Molly said, light-heartedly.

She then went on: “I don’t know why, but it’s just not something that I’m going to share specifically. From my videos and stuff, you guys are definitely going to work out around the time that baby is due.”

She went on: “But I just feel like, with due dates and stuff, anything could happen.”