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04th Mar 2022

Missy Keating: “Be bold, be loud, be you – because no one can take that away from you”

Ellen Fitzpatrick

“I feel like if you make a mistake, you just need to learn from it and just grow, that’s what mistakes are there for.”

Fresh off her stint on Dancing With The Stars, Missy Keating is only moving onwards and upwards as this certainly won’t be the last we hear of her on our screens.

Sitting down to chat with, Missy gave us the lowdown on her time on the dancefloor and some insight into what her future looks like since coming off the show.

Reminiscing on the show, Missy said: “The whole show was one big highlight. It was the most amazing experience I’ve actually ever experienced, to date.

“I just enjoyed every single aspect of it, from the hair, the makeup, the rehearsals, even the early mornings, I was excited every morning just to dance. I loved it as a kid, so I loved learning a different style every week, it was like just a blur.

“The best week on the show for me was movie week. I absolutely loved it. The costumes were more, the hair was bigger, the makeup was crazier.”

When it comes to dancing, Missy is not the slightest bit shy of the stage and incorporating dance into her future is something that’s definitely playing on her mind.

With the highlight of her DWTS journey being movie night, the week she scored her highest, it was learning contemporary dance that really left its mark.

“If I could do that forever, I’d actually do it forever. I loved it so much. A whole new world opened up for me, I had no idea what the Foxtrot was and now I love the Foxtrot. I don’t think I’m going to give dancing up anytime soon,” she said.

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Missy was one of the youngest stars taking part in this year’s competition and when it came to saying yes to appearing on the RTE series, there wasn’t a doubt in her mind that she was on board.

“I think Covid actually made me do it. I hated not doing it, I hated Covid, I think everyone did. I’m the kind of person that hates just hanging around and not doing anything, not being busy, not working. I love the hustle and bustle and go, go go. I love that lifestyle.

“When the offer came in for the show I was like, “absolutely, it’d be rude not to”. After a year of nothing, it’s the perfect way to come back, literally with glitz and glam.”

But what’s next in her career? The 21 year old has so much more she wants to achieve but Dublin isn’t the place she sees herself progressing further in.

“I definitely see myself moving back to London in the next couple of weeks and I want to get a place in the city with my friends. I kind of want to focus on acting, I did it as a kid and I loved it, really enjoyed it. And it was such an escape to play another character. I love playing someone else, especially someone intense and wild, but that’s something that would be like my long-term goal to be, an actress. I want to focus on that and I think London might be the place to do it.”

Looking back over her 21 years of life and always being somewhat in the public eye, Missy said there’s not a single thing she’d change, and giving a message a lot of us need to hear, she simply said that life is too short for regrets.

“I definitely have no regrets because I feel like if you make a mistake, you just need to learn from it and just grow, that’s what mistakes are there for, so that you can grow.

“I don’t really look back on my life and wish I did anything differently, but I would say to my younger self, be bold, be loud, be you because no one can take that away from you if you’re you… But I don’t think I needed to hear that. I think I was that.”