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15th Dec 2016

Millie Mackintosh faces backlash after fans notice something amiss in her workout video



Millie Mackintosh shares regular updates of her exercise regime on her Instagram account and has gained a large following as a result.

However, a recent video which shows her squatting and lifting weights has received backlash as people think she’s not telling the truth about her workout.

Posting the picture to Instagram, Millie wrote:

“Working towards a**e to grass #40kg at last! Slowly getting back into it (ps chill form police it’s a boomerang)”.

As regular gym goers are probably aware, ass to grass squats are all about getting down to the ground, without damaging your lower back or knees. Easier said than done, to be fair.

Anyway, with Millie’s version of said squats, it wasn’t long before comments starting flooding in, pointing out that the table in the photo was preventing her from getting down to the ground.

Working towards arse to grass #40kg at last! Slowly getting back into it ???️‍♀️ (ps chill form police it's a boomerang)

A video posted by Millie Mackintosh (@milliemackintoshofficial) on

One wrote:

“That’s not ass to grass but ok”.

Another said:

“Haaaaaa!!!!! Def not ass to grass!!!!!!”

Others simply said:


However, one person jumped to Millie’s defence, writing:


“Could some commenters here please learn to READ. She wrote she is working TOWARDS ass to grass and not that she is there already”.

Squatting with weights isn’t easy and as Millie is going the safe way about it, she deserves credit for that rather than sharing videos which could encourage unsafe exercise practice.