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18th Mar 2021

Melissa McCarthy recovers in hospital after terrifying Huntsman spider bite


There’s a lot to be said for living in Australia. They’ve got the wonderful climate, the outdoor lifestyle and the friendly and welcoming culture to name but a few positives. One glaring negative though is that their bugs will try and kill you the first chance they get.

Melissa McCarthy has learned the hard way that spiders in Australia are no joke after being hospitalised with a nasty bite. The actress is Down Under shooting TV show Nine Perfect Strangers and movie Thor: Love and Thunder and relayed the terrifying news to her fans in an Instagram post during the week.

In true comedic style, Melissa poked fun at the incident while revealing hospital footage of herself wincing in pain. She captioned the post, “After professing my love of Australian critters to @instylemagazine, I was quickly reminded by someone that I was conveniently forgetting the aftermath of some of those ‘magical’ bites.”

The video itself is not for the fainthearted and arachnophobes… this is your fair warning.

The scene reveals McCarthy lying in her bed with white towels on her forehead and wrapped around her hands and neck, while saying to the camera, “I love that I’ve seen a spider the size of my head,” a picture of a huntsman spider is then flashed across the screen before it returns to McCarthy and she screams, “I’m itchy!” and “It’s reached my face!”


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Not one to take things too seriously, the actress finished up by saying “G’day, mate!” in a fairly well-executed accent. We’re glad she’s made a full recovery and honestly, we’ll take our constant rain and teeny house spiders any day.