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23rd Nov 2021

Mel B’s very risky joke has been edited out of An Audience With Adele

We need to see this.

Mel B has been cut from ITV’s An Audience With Adele after she asked a very risque question to the singer.

The concert aired on ITV on Sunday night, with some A-list celebs in the crowd which included the likes of Stormzy, Samuel L Jackson, Dame Emma Thompson, and of course Mel B.

Celebrities were picked out from the crowd to ask the singer questions they’ve been dying to know the answer to, but it was Mel B’s that the TV channel seemed to have an issue with and reportedly removed it from the broadcast.

The Spice Girls singer asked Adele what the best gift she ever received was, but once the cameras went to her, she got rather embarrassed.

“She was tasked with asking a question about the best gift Adele had ever received but when the cameras were on her she said she felt silly asking it,” an insider told The Sun.

“She made a joke and said she could answer the question for Adele and said it was a vibrator.”

Adding that nobody in the audience seemed to find the comment very funny, Adele made a joke in response and quickly moved on.

And as the show was a family-friendly one and it aired before the watershed, ITV was forced to cut it out due to the nature of the conversation.

With Adele chatting to her famous guests throughout the show, as well as belting out her hits, the concert went down a treat on ITV.

While we all bawled our eyes out when we witnessed the singer reuniting with her old English teacher Ms McDonald after all these years, it was definitely Emma Thompson’s dance moves that had us all talking.