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07th Dec 2022

Maura Higgins claims she was left by designer who went to style someone else at an award show

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Poor Maura.

You may have noticed her absence, and Maura Higgins’ reason for not making an appearance at the British Fashion Awards 2022 was nothing like what you might think.

The Love Island star said she had to end up skipping the award show at the very last minute after a major outfit fail.

The 32 year old pulled out of the red carpet after she felt that her outfit “wasn’t appropriate”, and even admitted it was not the dress she was initially meant to wear.

The Longford native claimed she was meant to wear a dress that had been custom made for her by the leading British designer Scott Henshall, the former creative director of Mulberry.

With a decent amount of celebrity clients, it’s not surprising the designer has created the World’s Most Expensive Dress, which Samantha Mumba wore in 2004 when she headed to the Spiderman 2 premiere, complete with over 3,000 diamonds.

Maura’s dress for the award show was meant to have gotten inspiration from Samantha’s piece as well as Paris Hilton’s chainmail slip from her birthday in 2002.

On the very same night however, the designer was also dressing Lady Victoria Hervey and Britain’s Next Top Model alum Talulah-Eve.

A source revealed to The Sun that the dress made for Maura “looked nothing like” Paris Hilton’s and that “she wasn’t happy” with the final product.

The was also meant to arrange a selection of shoes for her to wear but allegedly never did this either.

The insider added: “He then left Maura waiting in her hotel room alone for three hours to go to help dress Victoria.”

Maura had posted ahead of the show on her Instagram story showing how excited she was for her dress, saying: “BFA tonight… first time to have zero control on my outfit… excited to see what @scott_henshall has designed for me.

After fans noticed she didn’t show up, she addressed what happened, saying: “So guys everyone’s messaging me asking, “Where are you, where’s the red carpet pictures?”

“I’ve had a bit of a nightmare. Basically, the dress, shoes, everything, just wasn’t something that I’d probably wear.”

After noting her glam team had really come through, she said she didn’t know what to say when it came to her dress, saying it wasn’t “very appropriate”.

She added: “And obviously, I do like to go daring, ye guys know that but I don’t know, but I just feel, it’s not right. So, yeah, I’ve decided not to go.”