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01st Jul 2022

Made in Chelsea’s Louise Thompson returns to hospital

Sarah McKenna Barry

Louise has been dealing with some health issues ever since giving birth to her son.

Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson has updated fans on her health following recent test results.

In a post on Instagram, the new mum shared that she feels she is often “overlooked” as she battles exhaustion and low iron and haemoglobin.

Louise has been struggling with her health following the traumatic birth of her son Leo.

She wrote: “I just got some recent blood test results back that I had to pay for privately and my iron and haemoglobin are really low which is incredibly triggering.

“To be honest quite a few of them are either too high or too low which I find incredibly triggering too. Pre my traumatic experience and spending all that time in hospital I was super healthy working out 4 times a week and living a good life.

“Now I can hardly climb a set of stairs without feeling exhausted. I get the worst agonising pain too. I just want someone to fix me.”

Following this update, her partner Ryan Libbey told his followers that Louise was back in hospital.

Taking to his stories, he wrote: “Just as I thought I was approaching a time period where I could focus some energy into my own therapy and healing, Louise unfortunately still struggles with various things every single day, and some of those symptoms are worsening.

“We’re back in the hospital (this time private as we’ve been so let down by the NHS) because Louise received some alarming blood test results.”

He added: “At this moment I don’t know how serious this is but it feels devastating to be sat outside a hospital waiting room, seven months on from Louise giving birth.”

“I’m holding on by a thread, trying to work, keep business alive trying to support Louise and Leo, trying to keep up with my own ambition (and failing).”