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05th Sep 2018

Love Island’s Megan told Piers Morgan where to stick his sexism earlier and fair play

Jade Hayden


Y A S.

Love Island has been over for a while now – we are very much aware of this.

And yet, that doesn’t mean that we’re done filling our brains with every single aspect of the contestant’s lives as they make television appearance after television appearance on daytime TV shows, answering questions about each other, and struggling to encourage the general public to believe ‘no, they definitely are still together.’

Great way to spend our evenings, tbh.

And while a lot of the Love Island 2018 crew have slowly but surely fallen off the face of the earth (Ellie, Charlie, other Ellie, Sam, Josh, Kaz, Georgia, everybody else who isn’t Jack and Dani and maybe Laura, tbh), there are a few of the couples who are still milking their 15 minutes.

Megan and Wes are one such couple – and fair play to them too. You may as well, like.

Earlier today, the pair appeared on Good Morning Britain where Piers Morgan was, of course, also there, being his general sexist, irritating, A Bit Much self.

The interview was going generically enough until Susanna Reid decided to question why Megan was wearing a T-shirt that said: ‘Stop valuing women based on their sexual history.’

Megan responded with a banging answer, in fairness to her, saying:

“I think it’s really unfair and an old-fashioned way to look at it.

“Just because someone has worked either in the sex industry or done glamour modelling it’s frowned upon. It’s 2018 women should be able to do what they want with their body.”

She also added that just because she had slept with people on TV, she was told to be ashamed of herself. She said that she wasn’t.

Piers then decided to jump in and ask Megan why she had bothered to get thousands of pounds of plastic surgery proving that he had clearly been briefed to not involve himself in the sex discussion lest he come across negatively.

He achieved that anyway by asking the reality star why she didn’t want to be “unique” as a photo of her from eight years ago looking very different appeared on the screen.

Megan responded: “You can be unique, everyone can do what they want with their body, as long as you are doing it for yourself and no one else.”

Get it, girl.

The interview then took a strange turn as Piers began asking Wes to name elements of the periodic table.

He succeeded in naming many of them.