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07th Nov 2022

Love Island’s Liberty says she gets body-shamed on TikTok

Sarah McKenna Barry

“You’ve got to believe in yourself and not let it bother you.”

Liberty Poole, who appeared on Love Island last year, has spoken about the online abuse she receives.

In a recent interview, she told The Sun: “I still get trolling to this day. I posted on TikTok the other night and I still get trolling where people say I’ve got a big tummy.”

She added: “You still get insecurities, but you’ve got to believe in yourself and not let it bother you.”

Liberty was coupled up with Jake Cornish on the last season of Love Island, but after doubting his real feelings for her, she called time on their relationship, and they dropped out of the competition.

In her interview with The Sun, she also addressed a time when she was harassed by a group of men on a stag do in an airport because she was not wearing makeup at the time.

“These people were on a messy stag do and they were shouting it through the airport in front of other people and said, ‘What’s happened to her since Love Island?’ and shouting that I was a ‘catfish’ through the airport.”

She went on to say that they repeated what they said to the staff on the plane as if it was “something to be proud of”.

However, when she landed she was approached by some fans for a photo, who, noting her lack of makeup, told her that they would put a filter on their snaps.

She said: “I won’t lie, I did get upset and was left in tears as I’m a human being with feelings but in the end, I powered through it and thought I could sit here and let this eat me up and believe what these people say, or I can go out there and make a change and use my platform for the good.”