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22nd Jan 2020

Love Island’s Ellie Brown responds to rumours she and Michael Griffiths are dating, it’s a hard NO

Cathy Donohue

Ellie Brown

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Former Love Island contestants Ellie Brown and Michael Griffiths are not dating, despite reports to the contrary.

They were said to have sparked a romance while taking part in Ex on the Beach but according to Ellie, that’s as far as it goes.

Michael has been gushing about well they get on, the phrase ‘head over heels’ was even used but Ellie is having none of it.

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Ex on the beach is now live what you sayinnnnnnnnn !

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The reality TV star took to Twitter this evening to clear up any confusion and emphatically say they are very much not a couple.

Ellie said the selfie of the two of them together was a “pic from the villa” and reports of them dating are very much “not true”

A bit awkward for Michael, you could say.

It’s all a bit confusing seeing as Michael went into great detail about how much he liked Ellie during an interview with The Sun.

“Ellie and I did form a good bond on the show. The relationship we built was unbelievable. To have someone as amazing as her in my life means so much. I’m head over heels and I’m not letting her go.

“Initially I just opened up to her because we were both from up north, she was a friendly face and I guess we have a lot in common both being on Love Island.

“She instantly felt like home. But then it grew into a lot more. She helped me open up and believe in myself a lot more.”

It could have been that they were dating and then broke up but according to Ellie, there was never a thing between them to begin with.

A publicity stunt? Miscommunication? Who knows but we have a feeling we haven’t heard the last of this particular story…