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09th Mar 2022

Lottie Ryan on sister Bonnie’s wedding and her first night out in two years

Sister Bonnie Ryan tied the knot last week.

Life can get hectic when you’re a working mum, balancing the everyday stresses that come along with parenthood and staying on top of your career.

For presenter Lottie Ryan, she is no different, with unwarranted advice being given left and right and the pressure to succeed, it’s no wonder she has been go go go for the last two years.

Speaking to media on Wednesday, Lottie told all about her first and well deserved night out since the pandemic, and it was at none other than her sister Bonnie’s wedding last week.

She said: “We’ve been waiting a long time for this day and it was just absolutely gorgeous.

“It was just John’s family and our family. And we did the registry office, which is the same registry office myself and Fabio got married in and it was just gorgeous. It’s just a really, really nice short, quick ceremony. We all went out for dinner afterwards. We partied into the wee hours of the night, which I haven’t done in about two and a half years.

“It was a fab day, it was great to get the two families together because the two families actually haven’t been together in a long time and it was my first night out since having a baby. It was really great.”


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As maid of honour to her younger sister, Bonnie joked that she deserved to let loose a little bit and while her eight month old son Wolf will make an appearance at his auntie’s big celebration, Lottie said she has an “obligation” to “dance on tables”.

Speaking more on her sister’s jaw-dropping wedding look, Lottie revealed that she had no idea she would wear a suit, but she definitely never ruled it out as a possibility.

“She wouldn’t tell us what she was wearing and I said, I betcha anything, she’s going to wear a suit. I don’t know why I just had it in my head,” Lottie told Her.

The suit Bonnie wore was designed by Nadine Merabi and her hat was Carol Kennelly, an accessory even her family never expected but described as “phenomenal” nonetheless.

“The thing I love about what she wore is she will literally get so much wear out of all of those pieces. She can wear that blazer with jeans, with she’ll just get so much wear out of it. She looked incredible and I think it’s great to wear something that’s completely different to what you’re going to wear on your actual wedding day,” Lottie added.


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“It gives you two reasons to have too fab outfits, I think she had Bianca Jagger vibes for me on the day. I just thought she looked phenomenal.”

Lottie also opened up on the negativity she has received since her son Wolf was born, much of it as she says, coming from other mums thinking they know better.

Not expecting people to give her such negative feedback on how she was raising her baby, while it hurts, Lottie expressed how important it is to speak out about it.

“I think it was mainly important for me to speak about it in case other mothers, were getting that kind of guilt from people to say that it was inappropriate,” she said

“I think what shocked me about that whole thing was the fact that the comments were coming from other mothers and I think that that’s a hugely difficult thing for mothers today to have to deal with and cope with.”


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While there are trolls out there, Lottie praised her mum Morah and her 94 year old grandmother for their words of wisdom, as well as fellow presenter Jennifer Zamparelli who is in the same boat.

“Jen’s a very close friend of mine, I’m constantly in awe of her workload on top of the fact that she has two children and a very successful marriage. She is constantly, almost on a daily basis, giving me help and advice,” she told Her.

“If I’m having a rough morning, she’ll say this is just a phase and that’s probably been one of the biggest pieces of advice and that has meant the most to me because it lets me know if you hang in there, this too shall pass.”

Lottie has teamed up with One4All Mother’s Day and was speaking to media ahead of the big celebration, and mentioned some of the mother’s myths we all heard growing up and which ones she’s definitely planning on passing down to her son.

“Maybe I will say this to Wolf, if I threw my eyes up to heaven when my parents were telling me something, they’d say, if the wind changed your face would get stuck like that,” she said.

“It’s probably a rite of passage to be able to say those things for the parents to have a private giggle about it.”