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23rd Nov 2023

‘Housing is too expensive’ – Lottie Ryan heartbroken after brother moves away

Kat O'Connor

Lottie Ryan is gutted after her brother was forced to move away

Lottie Ryan has revealed her younger brother Elliot has been forced to move away due to the ongoing housing crisis in Ireland.

The presenter revealed that her brother has no choice but to go travelling as housing is just too expensive in Ireland.

She spoke out about the heartbreaking decision in the latest episode of her podcast with Jennifer Zamparelli.

In the new episode of ‘Jen and Lottie Do… Parenting’, she revealed her brother’s life-changing plans.

Lottie said she is going to miss her brother so much because he’s “such a gentleman” as well as the “most wonderful uncle”.

Lottie said her brother has never caused any trouble and works incredibly hard, but he’s still finding it impossible to find somewhere to live in Ireland.

She said they threw a going away party for him and his girlfriend before they jet off to travel the world.

The pair are reportedly planning on travelling for a couple of months before settling in Dubai.

Lottie said: “Elliot is in the position that so many people in the country are in, he’s like, ‘Housing is just too expensive’.

“Him and his girlfriend were like, ‘Listen, we’re going to go travelling for a while and we’re probably going to just have to finish up somewhere like Dubai and work and see how it goes’.”

As devastated as she is, Lottie understands that her brother didn’t have many other options in Ireland.

The mum said she really struggled to accept the fact that he was moving away.

Speaking about the moment she said goodbye to her brother, Lottie admitted she could barely look at him.

She said she was bawling and crying when they said their goodbyes and had to walk away because she couldn’t face seeing him walk out the door.