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26th Jul 2018

There was a LOT of complaints about last night’s Love Island and we can see why

'Make it stop!!'

Denise Curtin

‘Make it stop!’

Without even writing another line, I think you can guess what I’m on about?

The crying.

Yes, as hilarious and all as the baby challenge was last night (hat tip to Dr Alex for making it), the crying dolls appeared to give the nation a headache last night, leaving many unimpressed.

The couples were each given a baby for the challenge with the goal to keep them happy and also, to show off their potential parenting skills. However, from Josh’s lack of daddy instincts to Megan not wanting to even hold the baby, it, in turn, caused the babies to cry… a LOT.

Yep, we were less than impressed too. But thankfully we can assure you that tonight involves no tears (from babies), instead, the Islanders are swapping plastic dolls for cars and air baloons, yep, tonight is going to be good.

Love Island returns to 3e tonight at 9pm.