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25th Apr 2018

‘Let’s be like water’… Lads, Kanye is gone crazy on Twitter again

Olivia Hayes

Ah, Kanye.

He’s a genius, to be fair. Right before he drops two albums in the space of a week, he’s made his way back on to Twitter after a long hiatus.

He’s been tweeting for a few days now, however, today he went off on a tangent, talking about his management, lawyers, the Yeezy brand and even being president.

We love Kanye, and we truly believe he knows what he’s doing by tweeting this stuff.

So, to take you through it all, here’s how it all began.

He first started talking about how he ‘can’t be managed’, and yeah, we get it:

He then went on to say that Yeezy will be the biggest company ever, and he’s taking after the likes of Disney and Ford:

Then, he called out certain publications about talking sh*t about him:

Then he added in this line:

And gave a shout out to North:

Kanye then talked about the rise of Yeezy and thanked Adidas for letting them be who they are:

A little bit about being president again:

He started to then tweet pictures of a house, we’re presuming… maybe his house?:

He then left us with this line only a few minutes ago… so you know, God knows what he’s going to tweet next.

Oh, Kanye… how you brighten up our day.