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04th May 2014

“Let Me Go” – Gary Barlow Opens About Stillborn Daughter Poppy For The First Time

"It keeps a life and a flame in the whole thing."

Gary Barlow has opened up about losing his daughter for the first time.

The singer’s daughter, Poppy, was stillborn in 2012 and the former X Factor judge has revealed that his solo single, ‘Let Me Go’, is about that devastating time in his life.

Speaking candidly to James Corden in an upcoming documentary about his life, Barlow revealed that the song keeps Poppy’s “flame” alive.

“It keeps a life and a flame in the whole thing… It’s not my voice, it’s someone else’s.

“I don’t like there to be things that are unsaid really… and from that thing happening to my dad’s passing, there’s a lot of them in this record with me.”

‘When Corden Met Gary’ airs tomorrow on BBC One.

The Take That star added: “It should be a celebration that song, because in some respects, it’s alive that record and those lyrics and what it relates to. It keeps a life and a flame in the whole thing.”

Lyrics from the song include the lines such as “a room full of sadness… a broken heart. Fly high and let me go.”

The 43-year-old declines to comment any further out of respect for his wife Dawn.

“There’s a point where I’ll stop in respect to my wife”.

When Corden Met Barlow will see the two men driving across the English countryside visiting places that were important in Barlow’s life.  The documentary will air tomorrow, May 5th on BBC One at 9pm.

Listen here to ‘Let Me Go‘:

Video via YouTube/GaryBarlowVEVO