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22nd Mar 2022

Laura Whitmore launches new activewear edit with Dare 2b

“Being healthy – it’s not just going to the gym, it’s a lifestyle.”

Laura Whitmore has teamed up with leading sportswear brand Dare 2b to launch a new activewear edit full of fabulous fitness bits.

The exclusive collection consists of practical yet stunning pieces perfect for gym lovers – including leggings, sports bras, jackets and swimwear.

We caught up with Laura ahead of the launch to chat about the edit and all things fitness.

“It’s exciting to be able to pick those pieces that will be in my wardrobe for a long long time, staple pieces,” she tells Her.

The Love Island presenter says she first fell for fitness clothing during lockdown, before deciding to team up with Dare 2b as it shared her view on what fitness and health means.

“It kind of started during lockdown when all I wore was activewear – all everyone wore. There’s a practicality to it, a comfort.

”But with Dare 2b you can have a bit a fun with it as well. They shared my ethos about what being healthy meant. Y’know, it’s not just going to the gym, it’s a lifestyle thing.”

Activewear, she says, is not necessarily something  exclusively reserved for a high-intensity workout: “I sometimes wear my Dare 2b edit when I’m sitting on the sofa or walking to the fridge, y’know… doing yoga, walking the dog!”

Recently, Laura has been enjoying swimming and this is her first edit to include swimwear pieces – some of which have become her personal favourites.

“I was back home in Ireland, I was in Cork, in Inchidony, and I jumped into the sea,” she laughs.

“There’s one really simple piece called ’Don’t Sweat It’ which I just love because it’s just so practical and feels really nice against your skin.

“You feel good wearing it. Sometimes people don’t like wearing swimwear that draws too much attention to themselves. Sometimes a little pop of colour can be terrifying.”

With this edit, she’s managed to find “nice ways of getting it in there without it being too threatening”.

When curating the edit, Laura says inclusivity was always on her mind. For her, it was important to provide activewear that could be enjoyed by everyone. The clothing comes in sizes six to 20, with selected pieces available up to a size 28.

“It’s definitely something very important to me.

”One of the reasons I wanted to work with Dare 2b is because they’ve been very inclusive for a long, long time – in who they work with too.. It’s nice to have women from different walks of life.”

Browse the Dare 2b X Laura Whitmore active edit here.