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12th Jun 2019

Lady Gaga’s ex just liked Irina Shayk’s post-breakup Instagram and sorry, nah

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Here’s the tea.

The other day, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk announced that they were splitting up.

Or rather, they didn’t announce it but it was announced for them and is definitely a thing that’s happening, OK?

A while before that, Lady Gaga and her fiancé Christian Carino announced that they were splitting up, much to the chagrin of everybody who just wants to see Lady Gaga happy.

She deserves the world, after all.

All of this splitting comes a mere few months after Gaga and Cooper showed the entire world that they’ve got on screen chemistry for days via their live A Star Is Born performances, intense eye contact, and general demeanour.

However, Gaga’s people remained adamant that she and Carino simply weren’t happy and that there was “no dramatic story” about their split.

And so far, Cooper and Shayk seem to be pushing the same narrative. It’s all just a coincidence, surely.

Except now there’s some new tea in the scéal in the form of Gaga’s ex Christian liking the Instagram post that Irina shared after announcing the breakup.

J U I C Y.

Shayk shared an iconic ‘We just broke up so here’s my ass looking fine’ image on her grid the other day and yeah, while it was clearly a #sponcon pic, it was also a breakup gram. We’re calling it.

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We’re also calling shade on Christian liking the picture despite the fact that Irina does not follow him, and he only follows 99 people… one of them being Irina.


This comes after the model unfollowed Gaga following her intensely intimate ‘Shallow’ performance alongside Cooper back in February.

And as much as we’d like to believe that all of the above is simply a happy coincidence, it really can’t be.

There’s just too much to unpack, like.