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23rd Nov 2022

Kym Marsh won’t be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing this weekend

Corrie star Kym Marsh won’t be performing this weekend.

Kym Marsh and Graziano Di Prima won’t be taking part in Strictly Come Dancing this weekend.

The couple has temporarily stepped away from the competition due to illness.

Actress Kym Marsh has contracted Covid-19 and won’t be able to compete in the competition.

The BBC stated;

“We’re heading into Week 10, and with Kym and Graziano taking a week out due to COVID.

“Six couples will be taking to the dance floor on Saturday night.”

“Strictly Come Dancing protocols mean that all being well, they will return the following week.”

Fans of the dance show were gutted to hear about Kym and Graziano.

Many are concerned she won’t be able to return because of the virus.

One fan wrote, “It’s a shame that Kym has caught covid. I had it a year ago and it is not a picnic. I don’t think she will make it back because it takes a lot out of a person but I definitely hope I’m wrong.”

Another said, “Should be nobody’s going home Saturday until Kim back that’s fare to all the couples I would imagine.”

“So gutted. Hope she’s back with a bang next week,” another added.