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14th Apr 2023

Is Kylie Jenner dating Timothée Chalamet?

Lads, it’s only April…

Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet? Dating? Now that’s a sentence we never saw ourselves writing but here we are.

Kylie and Timothée have fuelled new dating rumours after gossip site DeuxMoi shared that the two have been secretly an item.

After getting an unverified tip, the reality star has been linked to the actor, with the source saying: ”Anon pls!! Multiple sources have told me that Timmy C has a new girl…Kylie Jenner.”

The rumour is still yet to be confirmed but many fans have noticed that the two have been spotted hanging out at Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show in January.

The two were also spotted with Kylie’s sister Kendall and Bad Bunny out for dinner last month as well as Kylie’s black Range Rover arriving at Timothée’s home in LA on Thursday.

While Kylie was never spotted in the car, the rumours have sent fans wild and of course, there is only one place they go to react to news like this – Twitter.

One person wrote: “timothee chalamet and kylie jenner dating wasn’t in my 2023 bingo card what the f*ck is going on.”

Another wrote: “the streets are saying timothee chalamet and kylie jenner are dating … the jenners are collecting my men like pokemons, signing OFF.”

A third wrote: “First Kendall Jenner started dating Bad Bunny and now Kylie Jenner is dating Timothée Chalamet.. Like seriously? Wtf?”

Another added: “kris jenner making up this rumor about taylor and joe to distract us from the kylie and timothée rumor.”

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