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01st Dec 2019

Kensington Palace hilariously respond to Camila Cabello stealing from them

Olivia Hayes

Camila stole a pencil, before you think it was anything major.

Camila Cabello was in Kensington Palace earlier this year to celebrate BBC Radio 1’s Teen Heroes. While there, she was invited into the royal residence along with Radio 1 DJ Greg James.

The singer appeared on his talk show this week and went on a trip down memory lane about their time spent amongst the royals – and Greg had a particularly funny story to tell.

“OK I haven’t mentioned this story because you told me not to…” he said.

“We were in Kensington Palace for the Teen Heroes. We were about to meet William and Kate, and I said, ‘Gotta steal something… steal that pencil.’”

Camila said: “And I was like ‘You triple doggy dare me?’”

“I put it in my mom’s purse,” she explained, “and my mom was like, ‘No we have to give it back, we have to give the pencil back.’ I was like, ‘No he triple doggy dared me, I have to take the pencil,’ so I still have it.”

“So I’m sorry William, and I’m sorry Kate.”

BBC Radio 1 tweeted the interview and Kensington Palace came across it. The reply was simple, but funny and we don’t think they could have done any more.

Commenting on the post, the palace simply tweeted a side eye emoji.

They see you, Camila!