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28th Nov 2022

Kelsey Parker speaks out about moving on after Tom’s death

Kelsey’s husband Tom died in March 2022.

Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey has opened up about moving on following her husband’s heartbreaking death.

The mum-of-two was recently linked to a 39-year-old electrician, who she met on holiday in Greece.

The mum was hit with waves of backlash after reports emerged about her new partner but she said she has to live her life.

Speaking in an interview with The Sun, Kelsey said Tom would want her to live her life to the fullest.

She said;

“How lucky am I? People go through their whole life and don’t find love, and I’ve had that. I fell in love really hard. We were soulmates. I might have gone my whole life and never met the love of my life, but I did.”

Kelsey said the 13 years she had with Tom were so special.

“People don’t get to do that in their lifetime. We have the most outrageous stories that we shared together.

“And that’s why I can’t be sad because I got to do that with him and share that with him, Kelsey said.

Speaking about moving on, Kelsey said she’s been afraid of what the public will think of her.

She leaned on friend Kate Ferdinand for support following Tom’s death.

“Kate was a really great person to speak to. I was talking to her about how I want to get rid of our bed, but I said to her: ‘How are people going to look at me for that?’ If I do want to move forward, I’ve got to take these steps.”

“Kate said: ‘You’ve just got to not worry what anyone else thinks. You are the only person that gets into that bed, so you need to do what’s right for you.’”

Tom Parker sadly passed away from cancer in March 2022.