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05th Mar 2022

Kanye West releases music video that shows him decapitating Pete Davidson

Deeply disturbing.

Unless you have been living under a rock this past year, you will no doubt be familiar with the fact that Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from her estranged husband, Kanye West, almost a year ago – and things have been pretty tumultuous ever since.

The pair, who are parents to four children together, North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm, have been fighting, often in social media, for months and yet, just weeks ago, Kanye (who now goes by simply ‘Ye’) reportedly dismissed Kim’s request to move forward with the divorce proceedings, all while he publicly begged for her back and continued to refer to her as his wife.

This is despite the fact that Kim, 41, has been dating actor and comedian Pete Davidson, 28, for the past few months, something which has not gone down well with Ye – who has been using his social media to bombard Davidson with derogatory comments and abuse, calling the comedian “garbage,” “trash,” and “a dickhead.”

Kanye has also been using the nickname “Skete”  when speaking about Pete, but was ultimately called out by Kim — according to alleged texts that he leaked — for compromising Pete’s safety after encouraging his followers to scream ‘Kimye forever’ in his face if they saw him out in public.

And now, it seems, things have gotten a whole new level of disturbing, with Kanye, 44, releasing a disturbing music video that shows him kidnapping and beheading a figure reminiscent of Davidson.

The eerie video depicts a caricature-like figure of Kanye throwing a bag over someone’s head, before transporting the tied-up body in a horrific kidnapping.

The Kanye-like figure then goes on to drag the body across the floor and bury it from the neck-down, leaving just the bag-covered head in view. The captive’s face is then unveiled, revealing the Pete-like figure trapped underground.

In the video, the animated Kanye then tosses a bunch of plant seeds over the Davidson-like figure, which later leads to roses sprouting from his head.

Even more distressingly, Kanye also appears to be holding the cartoon’s severed head in hand at one point in the video, while he raps about beating “Pete Davidson’s ass.” While doing so, the Kanye-figure cradles and even strokes the decapitated head.

And even more creepy, at the end of the video clip, Kanye makes another pointed reference to Davidson, with an unnerving message displayed onscreen.

“EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER EXCEPT SKETE,” reads the short passage of text, with the word “SKETE” crossed out and replaced with “YOU KNOW WHO”

What is seriously disturbing, Kanye dropped the alarming video earlier this week, just hours after Kim had finally been declared legally single by a court of law, something she has been fighting for since last year.