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19th Apr 2016

Kanye West is being sued by one of his fans because of The Life Of Pablo

Ellen Tannam

Kanye West is being sued by one of his fans because he believes Mr. West was a bit sneaky in the marketing of his latest album, The Life Of Pablo.

Justin Baker-Rhett filed the lawsuit in court in San Francisco on Monday, according to Bloomberg.

Baker-Rhett contests that Kanye falsely claimed that the album would solely be available on Tidal, but we all know it has since been released on both Apple Music and Spotify.

He believes this was done to give Tidal a boost in subscribers, and he is asking a judge to order Tidal to delete information collected from users who signed up for the sole purpose of listening to Yeezy’s newest LP.

“Mr. West’s promise of exclusivity also had a grave impact on consumer privacy, ‘the lawsuit states, noting user that users’ credit card information, music preferences and other information can now be available for use by Tidal.”

The value of the new customers who signed up to Tidal could be as much as $84 million dollars, and because Kanye is also part/owner of Tidal, Baker-Rhett is viewing this as West deliberately misleading of his loyal fans.