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05th Feb 2019

‘I just got carried away’: Jack Fincham gives interview about his recent cocaine binge

Olivia Hayes

Jack Fincham says that he “regrets” it.

Love Island’s Jack has given a interview to The Sun about how his party life has changed since winning the show, and that he is now offered cocaine more now than ever.

He admits that he caved into temptation last Saturday and had a “blowout” night.

He said that he was on a night out with fellow Love Island stars Adam Collard and Sam Bird and they all ended up going back to a nearby hotel.

“I’m in a new world of partying and stuff, and being in circles that I would never normally have been in.

“I’d never normally be in these situations but, yes, since winning the show I have been offered cocaine a lot. But I went out all night, I was drinking and I just got ­carried away and made a stupid, stupid mistake which I wish I’d never done, you know. I regret it.”

He continued: “That night it was a complete error in judgment. It’s a silly thing to do, it’s not something I’ve made a habit of. I mean, what an idiot.

“It’s not a reflection of my character, but I’ve had a blowout. It was a lapse in judgment, but it’s not something that I’ll ever do again.”

He added that he told Dani about his recent drug use and even though she’s not happy with his choice, she will support him.

“I’ve told Dani, and obviously she doesn’t agree with anything like that at all.

“She doesn’t like all that. But obviously, she’ll always support me. She said, ‘I’ll always support you, you made a mistake, we all make mistakes, but don’t ever do it again’.

“I don’t want to bring her into it, I’ve had a conversation with her and it’s not fair on her.”