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23rd Oct 2022

Jonathan Joly slated for sharing inappropriate video of daughter on TikTok

Kat O'Connor

“It’s severely inappropriate”

YouTuber Jonathan Joly has been called out for posting an ‘inappropriate’ TikTok of his daughter.

In the clip, his 10-year-old daughter Emilia is singing Unholy by Sam Smith.

The dad’s followers were quick to point out how wrong it was for his daughter to sing the song.

One wrote, “It’s severely inappropriate for a child to be singing.”

@jonathanjoly Emilia has been singing this alot lately so we thought we would post it ❤️?? #sacconejolys #singing #samsmithunholy ♬ original sound – Jonathan Saccone Joly

Another added, “Her dad is actively encouraging her to sing this song and then plastering it on the internet. It’s wrong.”

Others said Jonathan was “an idiot” for posting the video online.

However, others defended the dad and said we’ve all sung inappropriate songs as children.

“Kids have no idea what the songs are about so what’s the harm? I look back and realise I sang songs like this when I was a child but I just laugh about it.”

But one fan pointed out that there’s a difference between singing the song and then having a video of you singing it shared with millions of strangers on the Internet.

This isn’t the first time the influencer has been called out for posting about his children online.

Jonathan is often criticised for including his children on his TikTok page, especially because they’re all so young. Many viewers have urged him to stop exposing his children to such wide audiences, especially because of the impact trolling can have on young people.

Do you think the dad was in the wrong?