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28th Feb 2019

The Jonas Brothers are releasing new music tomorrow and fans are freaking out

Keeley Ryan

Days after the reunion rumours began, the Jonas Brothers are releasing brand new music tomorrow.

Yes, that’s right: six years after they split, the siblings are getting their band back together.

Earlier on Thursday, the band cleared out all their social media posts from their official Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Which has pretty much become the unofficial way to announce ‘hey, we’ve got a new music!’.

For example, remember when Taylor Swift cleared out her social media accounts then released Look What You Made Me Do a few days later?

They followed that up with the first look at the cover of their new single, Sucker, which will be out at midnight EST – so, around 5am IST.

And fans were set into a frenzy at the confirmation of new music and a reunion.

It comes amid reports Nick, Joe, and Kevin all flew into London earlier this month to discuss a new documentary about their lives growing up in the Jonas Brothers.

An insider told The Sun their impending comeback was “one of the biggest music reunions in years.”

“It’s no secret that things weren’t great by the end of the Jonas Brothers, but blood is thicker than water and they’ve healed their rift in the years since the split,” they said.

“After enjoying solo music success and taking time to work on passion projects, they feel that now is the right time to get back together.”