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26th Oct 2022

Joanne McNally left stunned after fan tells her she got her period on stage

Poor Joanne.

Joanne McNally has spilled the beans on an awkward encounter she had when a fan interrupted her half way through her stand up show recently.

The My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast host said that she was left “uncomfortable and embarrassed” after a show in Belfast when a fan stopped her to tell her that she had gotten her period during the show.

Speaking to Vogue Williams on their podcast, Joanne revealed that the interaction left a “weird” vibe in the SSE Arena, and she was thrown off once the comment was made.

“I’m on stage on Friday night, the second night, and I think there are about 3,000 people in the room, it was a big room,” she said.

“So I’m about an hour into the show when this girl comes jogging into the middle aisle of the room and stops the show and ushers me to the side of stage.


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“She’s obviously taken a drink, the eyes are quite glazed and she was like ”Joanne you’ve got your period” and she points to my crotch.”

Admitting that she was completely shocked, she wasn’t able to see anything when she checked herself and carried on with the show.

“I sent her away and said to her ”I won’t embarrass you and tell them what you just said to me” but I thought it was a really weird heckle because I couldn’t see anything myself,” she continued.

Not being able to do anything, Joanne admitted that she “couldn’t wait to get off the stage” and that the comment was playing in the back of her mind for the rest of the show.

When she did finish the show, she checked properly and discovered the fan was right, and she was only trying to give her a heads up.

“She came from a good place and I understand she was trying to be sound. But there was no need to do it, girls in future just let me bleed out up there. I don’t need to know,” Joanne said.