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08th Nov 2016

Jeremy McConnell makes gesture of goodwill towards Stephanie Davis

About time they sorted things out.

Are they FINALLY about to make up?

Jeremy McConnell and Stephanie have had a stormy relationship: they got together on Celebrity Big Brother amidst much drama as Steph had a boyfriend, Sam Reece, outside the house.

Upon exiting CBB, they were together for a brief period but after they split, things turned nasty with numerous reports of each person making negative comments about the other.

As anyone who has kept up to date with the goings on will know, (they have a very large fan following), Stephanie became pregnant but Jeremy said he wasn’t the father.

Anyway, to get up to speed, Stephanie has been in hospital recently and reports suggested that she had given birth.


Although her due date is early next year, people had been speculating that she had given birth early but her spokesperson has said that Steph fell ill with a bug and went to hospital as a precaution.

Steph also tweeted to say she was doing well, in response to enquiries from well-wishers:

According to The Mirror, Jeremy has since removed any mean comment made about Steph from his social media accounts prompting rumours that the pair might finally bury the hatchet.

Only recently, Jeremy took to Instagram to call his ex an attention seeker but as you can see here, this has now been removed.

As their relationship has been so dramatic, it’s difficult to tell what will happen with them but as there’s a child involved, here’s hoping they can sort things out amicably.