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02nd Sep 2023

Jeremy Clarkson slams Prince Harry’s claim UK media ‘did not cover’ struggles of soldiers

“That’s now how I remember it at all.”

Jeremy Clarkson, 63, has rejected claims made by Prince Harry that the British media ‘did not cover’ or support the country’s military veterans.

The former Top Gear presenter denounced the Duke of Sussex’s allegation that he made during the Netflix documentary, Heart of Invictus.

In the Netflix series, Harry said he felt ‘angry’ at the media for ‘not covering’ the ‘true cost of war’ that he witnessed while he was in Afghanistan.

The Duke of Sussex recounts returning home from Afghanistan, where he served with the British Army, and witnessing his wounded colleagues on the plane.

“I saw what only people had talked about. That was the real trigger to see the real cost of war. Not just those individuals but also their families and how their lives would change forever.

“Stepping off the plane, I was angry at what happened to these guys; I was angry that the media weren’t covering it. But at that point, it wasn’t clear to me what needed to be done,” Prince Harry said.

In Clarkson’s Saturday Sun column, he wrote that he was ‘amazed’ that the prince didn’t remember this.

“I’m rather startled to hear that he thinks the British media “did not cover” the plight of soldiers who’d been blown up or killed. Because that’s not how I remember it at all.”

The Clarkson’s Farm star cited multiple examples of how the media raised awareness of the hardships of soldiers at the time, mentioning how the media helped raise money for Help for Heroes, an Armed Forces and veterans’ charity in the UK.

“It wasn’t just The Sun. Every newspaper was filled for months and years with news of the death and the injuries.

“I know that Harry has a problem with the media. He’s got it into his head that it’s the root of all evil. But he’s obviously letting this rage cloud his judgement.”

Clarkson also wrote of the late Bryn Parry, who founded Help for Heroes, a cause that the Sun supported with an awards night called The Millies, a ceremony where wounded servicemen and women could mingle with big-name stars and royalty – which was attended by Harry.

He wrote how Help for Heroes, with the support of The Sun and other UK publications, raised £370 million to go towards building facilities, including a rehabilitation pool, for wounded servicemen and women.

“I’m amazed Prince Harry doesn’t remember this because I distinctly recall, one year, sneaking backstage with him before the evening began for a crafty fag [cigarette].”

While Clarkson disapproved of Harry’s words, he also commended the prince for his ‘commitment to the servicemen and women wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.’