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16th May 2023

ITV call crisis meeting following Holly and Phil’s This Morning appearance

Ellen Fitzpatrick

ITV has reportedly called a crisis meeting after Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s appearance on This Morning on Monday.

Their appearance came after the weekend saw a number of rumours that the two hosts had fallen out and while they never addressed the claims on the show, many saw some tension lingering between them.

After some said they looked “uncomfortable” and “awkward” during Monday’s show, the Daily Mail reported that ITV bosses called a meeting to decide on how to proceed with the next shows.

A source said: “Social media is used as a barometer to see what the public think. Those in charge were left under no illusion that it was a total disaster. It was painful for the team to work on and just as painful to watch.

“There was a meeting afterwards to discuss how it went that went on for some time. Everyone was just relieved to get it over with, but even if the show continues for some time, it will continue to be a massive headache.”

ITV has confirmed that Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield will not be leaving This Morning anytime soon.

The news has come amid a suspected falling-out between Holly and Phillip.

They have been very close since starting out as This Morning hosts but since Phillip’s brother’s court case, things have been different between the two.

Holly allegedly found out about the allegations through a third party, not by Phillip himself, which really seemed to hurt her.


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