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17th Jul 2012

Is This The Real Reason Why Jennifer Lopez Wants to Leave American Idol?

Her love doesn't cost a thing, but apparently her appearances on your TV show do...

Jennifer Lopez has said that she is quitting American Idol in order to get back on track with her music career, but is this the truth?

The Irish Sun reports that new rumours are surfacing which say that the singer left because American Idol bosses refused to fork out the €14 million it would cost to get her to say. Yes, J.Lo’s love may not cost a thing, but if you want her to sit on a chair for an hour and make a few comments, that’ll set you back a few million.

According to an insider, Jenny from the block was looking for a $2 million raise, which would make her salary a whopping $17 million (that’s around €14 million to us).

While television station Fox has refused to comment on suggestions that they gave J.Lo the boot, Jennifer told Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, that her decision came at the end of a “really long thought process.”

The singer said that she extended her original contract from one year to two simply because she “just fell so in love with the show.” But J.Lo was quick to add that she wasn’t able to commit “every single day” anymore because of “other responsibilities.”

And Jennifer isn’t the only one to leave the show. Steven Tyler, of Aerosmith fame, has also announced that he is giving up his judge’s seat and, if rumours are to be believed, Randy Jackson, the show’s third judge, is also getting ready to pack his bags.

Hmm…at the rate that these judges are leaving, it’d probably be a good idea to just hire Charlie Sheen for the job. Sure doesn’t he have enough energy by himself to be the only judge? We bet that would make for some interesting viewing…