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07th Nov 2021

Holly Willoughby says husband grinds her gears over TV sometimes

Ellen Fitzpatrick

They can’t agree on this one.

Holly Willoughby has revealed in her new book the one thing that her husband does that winds her up like nothing else.

The This Morning presenter has been married to producer Dan Baldwin for 14 years and in her new book Reflections, she revealed that they clash the most over the remote control and when he judges her choice of TV show.

Speaking about how much she gets annoyed by this, the 40-year-old host wrote: “If I’m watching something on TV and my husband suddenly asks, “Why are you watching this s***?”, it’ll spark something deep inside and I will get disproportionately angry about it.

“But actually, I’m angry because I subconsciously feel as though someone’s trying to control what I’m doing.”

Holly continued: “My husband absolutely isn’t trying to control me, but I’m getting a really strong reaction, so maybe I’m worried about control in my life.

“Maybe that’s a sign that I still need to address the issue of control.”

Previously saying some of her favourite shows are Netflix’s Love Is Blind and E4’s Made In Chelsea, her hubby isn’t the biggest fan.

Speaking about her family life and her extensive career in the book, the This Morning presenter revealed that she fears being a part of “cancel culture” and often detaches from reality as a coping mechanism.

Holly wrote: “I wasn’t present in my life. Something was missing. There were moments when I felt a bit like a spectator of my own life. I wasn’t sad, I wasn’t depressed, it was just a feeling of being a little adrift.”

Opening up about how she has dealt with becoming a celebrity, especially in the era of cancel culture, she revealed that as a way of avoiding backlash she finds herself “censoring” her own opinions.

Speaking about her thoughts on cancel culture, Holly says: “I find myself almost regurgitating what other people have said because I don’t know what I want to say any more.”