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25th Aug 2016

Hiddleswift have their first row and it’s the exact same thing you argue about with your other half

It's such a pain in the a**.

It’s a bit sh*t to be fair.

Relationships are great but there’s no denying that you have to put in the effort if you want to make things work.

It can be tough when life gets in the way and your schedules clash and then, you just end up fighting over silly, stupid things because you’re majorly frustrated.

Anyway, it seems that Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift have had their first major argument and it concerns that very issue.

According to Us Weekly, the couple who started dating in June had a big row earlier this month.

Apparently, Hiddleswift were arguing because Tom’s busy film schedule meant they weren’t seeing much of each other.

The Hollywood actor has had to travel to Australia to shoot scenes for Thor: Ragnarok and this combined with Taylor’s demanding music career left little “face-to-face” time.

He's back!

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A source close to the pair said:

“There was so much going on so it was hard making their schedules work and they were upset they couldn’t see each other”.

However, it seems that despite this teething problem, they seem to have worked through it and are now getting better than ever.

Tom recently travelled from Australia to Taylor’s Rhode Island pad to see Taylor even though he was only able to stay for two nights.

Considering the grim jet leg that must have entailed, it has to be love…

The source went on to say:

“Tom is busier than Taylor right now, so it’s been hard.

“They’ve had some schedule issues, but things are otherwise fine. They are making it work”.

Although people have been sceptical abut the authenticity of the relationship since the news broke, it seems Hiddleswift are determined to prove their haters wrong.