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08th Feb 2023

Here’s why Laura Whitmore’s alcohol posts were banned on social media

Sarah McKenna Barry

The posts were considered to be “inappropriately targeted”.

A number of social media posts by TV presenter Laura Whitmore have been taken down following an order from the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority.

Whitmore used her TikTok and Instagram platforms to promote the Muff Liquor Company, however these posts have since been investigated by the ASA, who determined that they were inappropriately targeted.

In the video posts, Whitmore drinks peppermint tea, water, beer and then a drink labelled ‘Muff & Tonic’. Throughout the video, her movements become more energetic, while text across the screen reads, “#MakemineaMuf (….) If drinks were dance moves @muffliquorco #makemineamuff #muffboss #irishowned.”

The posts have been interpreted by the ASA as suggesting that alcohol could “precipitate a change in an individual’s behaviour and could enhance an individual’s confidence.”

The ASA also said that as Laura was the former host of Love Island, a show that is very popular with people under the age of 15, the videos would be seen by those who are under the legal drinking age of 18.

According to Muff Liqour, Laura was not paid for the posts, though she is a shareholder. Laura said that her use of the hashtag #MuffBoss indicated this status, and that the hashtag #ad would be incorrect.

Within 24 hours of being made aware of the complaint, The Muff Liquor Company asked Laura to remove the posts.

Laura Whitmore, who hails from Bray, shot to fame when she took over the role of Love Island host from Caroline Flack. Laura served as host on the hugely popular dating show for three seasons, before announcing her departure last year. This year’s Winter Love Island is the first season for the show’s latest host Maya Jama.

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