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10th May 2016

Graham Norton has his say on Australia being in The Eurovision

He's not holding back either.

He’s not holding back either.

Graham Norton has had his say on Australia entering The Eurovision.

Last year was the first year that the country was invited to participate as part of the 60th anniversary of the singing competition.

Norton, who presents the show for the BBC each year, has commented on the fact that they’ve been invited back again this year to compete.

He told The Sun“I just do not understand why they are in the Eurovision Song Contest. Get rid of Australia. I know some countries aren’t technically in Europe but, come on – Australia is on the other side of the world!”

“Last year they said it was a one-off as it was a celebratory anniversary and you think, ‘OK’, but they are back again!

“What’s that about? People go, ‘Oh you are so anti-Australia’. I’ve got nothing against Australia. I just think it is kind of stupid.”

That’ll be fairly awkward if he bumps into them at the event.