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19th Feb 2021

Cruel internet trolls target Gordon Ramsay’s son for wearing a ponytail

Can we just set the record straight a ponytail looks great on anyone!

People obviously don’t have much going on in their lives at the moment so when they see something online that they don’t like, they let it be known.

This week online keyboard warriors were fighting the non-existent battle with a child’s hairstyle.

The child in question just so happens to be Gordon Ramsay’s son, Oscar. People online were a little upset with the way Gordon had styled his son’s hair in a little ponytail.

Let kids be kids and let parents style their kids hair the way they want to style it. Ponytails are cool on anyone.

The controversy was all about a video Gordon posted on his Instagram featuring his daughter, Tilly, and his son, Oscar. They both had ponytails in their hair, showing off how long little Oscar’s hair had grown over lockdown.


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He captioned the video: “Who wore it better? @tillyramsay or @oscarjramsay? #lockdownhair.”

The comments underneath ranged from “He’s got a pony tail? Cut that poor boys hair!!!,” to “Christ give the kid a break and a haircut.”

Other fans were quick to defend the ponytail calling out the haters, one wrote: “Omg. look at yourself. It’s a child. Let him be.” Another follower commented: “Oh my God, why are people freaking out over Oscar having a ponytail?”

Can we just say we loved the ponytail on Oscar and any boy any day of the week and lots of other people agree. One comment underneath said he’d won in the ponytail competition with his sister saying “defo Oscar, can’t beat long hair on a little boy.”

Another agreed that Oscar had won too, writing “Oscar! His hair colourings are gorgeous – highlight goals!!”

Gordon and his wife Tana welcomed Oscar in April 2019, they already have four kids together: Matilda (Tilly), 19, twins Jack and Holly, 21, and Megan, 23.