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28th May 2015

Geordie Shore Star Slammed For Making ‘False’ Weight Claims On Instagram

She has become famous for her dramatic weight loss.

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison has come under fire on Instagram for allegedly making false claims about her weight loss business.

The reality star sells diet plans and supplements and posted a montage of photos to the social network, with the caption “My happy little mini’s, love seeing happy @minivnutrition customers. Keep sending me photos!”.

However, one woman pictured in the collection posted an angry comment underneath asking for the photo to be removed and accusing the television star of using her hard work to promote the product.


“I worked really hard to get to that point and the pictures are only one year apart. The photo in the top left corner is of me. I would like this post to be removed as I posted this photo to show how I had lost weight. I DID NOT use @minivnutrition or any of their products,” she said.

“I go to the gym every single day and that’s how I got to where I am. Please remove this post as I do not appreciate you promoting your products using my pictures. @vicky_gshore”.

Pattison has yet to comment on the claims.