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24th Oct 2017

Gemma Collins might take legal action over fall down stage hole

She says they 'hasn't sent any flowers. Nothing.'

Jade Hayden

gemma collins

Gemma Collins has said that she might be taking legal action against the BBC after she fell down a hole on stage during an awards show.

The incident occurred over the weekend when the reality star fell down a trap door that opened as she was presenting a segment at Radio 1’s Teen Awards.

Speaking to The Sun, Collins claimed that the BBC has not apologised for the incident.

“They hasn’t sent any flowers. Nothing,” she said.

“I’ve got to consult a lawyer, yeah. The BBC, they’ve not been in touch with any compensation or anything – or even an apology.

“It’s very important this gets sorted out because really you know what it is, it’s negligence.”

Collins said that the viral video that documented her fall did not show what was underneath the stage.

The Only Way is Essex star claimed that the incident could have left her “dead.”

“People couldn’t see it, but underneath the stage there’s a lot of machinery and the Love Island people were coming up on a platform.

“When I actually went down into the pit, they were screaming, ‘Get her up because her legs are going to get crushed, her legs are going to get crushed’.”

Collins also stated that she “didn’t even get a tenner for turning up” to the event.

A spokesperson for Radio 1 has said that Collins did “receive a full briefing before going on stage.”