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08th Sep 2015

Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams Just Launched her Own YouTube Channel

Her "you know nothing Jon Snow" is perfect.


We may just have found our new favourite YouTube channel.

As kick-ass women on TV go, they don’t come much more fierce than Arya Stark. The Game of Thrones favourite can fight just as hard as the boys and in every case so far… even harder.

The character is brought to life by the fabulous Maisie Williams and now we get a closer look at the actress herself, via her brand-spanking-new YouTube channel. Maisie officially launched her channel on Tuesday with a fun four-minute Q&A “to celebrate reaching 1 million followers on Twitter.

Amongst the admissions: co-star Sophie Turner smells like heaven and Maisie has a boyfriend. But she’s not giving away any more on that. We’re totally on board with her pet peeve too.

Fair word of warning, if you’re not up to speed on Game of Thrones you may not want to watch – there is a significant season five spoiler included.