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23rd Feb 2016

Exclusive: Zig And Zag Take A Trip Down Memory Lane With

Nostalgia alert!

Laura Holland

I got to chat to my favourite childhood duo, Zig and Zag, and take a trip down memory lane with them about The Den.

Zig and Zag were in RTÉ to promote their new cartoon series which comes to RTÉjr from Tuesday 1st March and I went along to preview an episode and meet the popular pair.

They revealed which presenter was late more often, Ian Dempsey or Ray D’Arcy, and we chatted about their rivalry with Socky when he came on the scene.

Last week, we included Zag in our selection of candidates we would definitely vote for if they were in the upcoming election.

I took the opportunity to pitch our suggested manifesto to the lads, to which they completely agreed with, especially the point about tax cuts for the furry.

Watch the interview here:

The first five episodes of Zig and Zag will be available to view exclusively on the RTÉjr App from 10am on Tuesday, 1st March.

The show will also be broadcast each weekday at 5.45pm on RTÉjr, beginning with a double bill on the same day.