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12th Apr 2022

EXCLUSIVE: The Kardashians speak to Her ahead of their new show debut

The Kardashians' much-anticipated return to reality TV is just around the corner with their new show set to land on Disney+ in a matter of days. We caught up with the famous family for an exclusive interview ahead of the debut.

Same same, but different?

The Kardashians’ much-anticipated return to reality TV is just around the corner with their new show set to land on Disney+ in a matter of days.  A lot has gone down since Keeping Up wrapped. The original series spanned the guts of two decades and documented one family’s meteoric rise to stardom, but what can fans expect from the new show?

What we do know is the tagline promises to offer us the raw, intimate reality of life and love in the spotlight – like never before. We sat down with the famous family ahead of the premiere to find out exactly what that means.

After the announcement that Keeping Up With The Kardashians was coming to an end, the last thing anyone expected was another tv show that follows a near-identical format. The first thing we had to ask was, as a family, what are they hoping to achieve from doing another reality tv show so similar to their previous one?

Speaking in a reflective manner, Kendall Jenner revealed that she and younger sister Kylie are excited to be more involved with the show this time round:

“I think Kylie and I anyway, I think that we’re really eager especially in the seasons to come to kind of show more of us. I think that on the Keeping Up show we kept our comfortable distance with it you know? It was obviously always focused on our three older sisters but in the coming seasons we’re excited to be more involved.”

In terms of what they hope to achieve as a family, it won’t just be their businesses grabbing screen time. Kendall says we’ll be seeing a lot more from the family in seasons to come:

“As for what we hope to achieve, we all have our own passions in life and what makes us feel fulfilled, and I think one of those things for each of us – and it might be in different forms – is just helping other people. I think that is something that I would love to show more on our show is just, you know, how much we care for other people.”

Another question on everyone’s lips is how does this show differ from the original? I asked family matriarch and momager extraordinaire, Kris Jenner, this very question. She explained that everything and everyone has changed since 2007:

“I think the fact that the new show is on a streaming network is great for us because it’s really evolved and I think the show has too. You know, we’ve all changed since we started back in 2007 and now, here we are fifteen years later doing what we love.”

Kris went on to explain that working with the family continues to be the greatest blessing of all:

“My biggest achievement every day and my biggest blessing is that I get to get up every day and work with my kids and it just doesn’t get better than that because we are sort of obsessed with each other. We live near each other, we travel together, we pretty much do everything together! So, to be able to do that and create something at the same time. I’m so proud of the family for everything that they do.”


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So, where do we pick up life with The Kardashians? We know that Kourtney’s new fiancé/hubby Travis Barker features heavily in the series, but what will that mean for fan favourite and multiple baby daddy Scott Disick?

In the opening episodes, we catch up with the family when Kim is gearing up to present SNL. It’s October of 2021, around the time Pete Davidson enters the picture, but Kanye has yet to leave.

We’ll have to wait for the full season to see what’s truly in store but we’ll leave you with the wise words of Kris Jenner who promises us we’re in for a good time:

“I think you see much different sides to all of them especially because they’ve all grown up so much… I think that’s going to be fun to show that side.”

The Kardashians debuts exclusively on Disney+ this Thursday, April 14