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01st Apr 2016

EXCLUSIVE: Apple Music Share Their Original Choice For New Advert

Ciara Knight

Apple Music has earned my respect today.

They shared their new advert with Taylor Swift, which is quite a sight to behold.

However, the director of Apple Music, John Fakesurname, has revealed that the musician wasn’t their first choice.

“Honestly, our first choice was a Morbeg. They’re so adorable and extremely likeable. I prefer the green one because the orange one has a weird look in his eyes.”

But unfortunately, things didn’t work out with the Morbeg in the end.

“When we went to edit the video, it just wasn’t the look we were going for. Ultimately, we had to reshoot with an inferior star”.

Devastating news.

John sent us the original video which we’re delighted to share below.

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